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What Are Remote Property Managers

Remote Property Managers operate in the complete opposite way, then us here at Herman Boswell Property Management.  Many organizations that claim they provide property management services for your rental property; do so without ever setting foot on your property.

Utilizing remote property managers to manage your Real Estate investment portfolio is a risk you should consider staying away from.  To properly manage rental properties, having the ability to be hands on, with the rental is vital.

Herman Boswell Property Management only accepts properties that are locally located to our office in Arlington, TX.  The reason being is that we take great care to safeguard your property.  Our physical presence is needed throughout the entire leasing process, for such tasks as, property showings, maintenance issues, and periodic property inspections.

Remote Property Managers cannot provide you with this type of service, and it be accurately managed.  This is just one reason that sets us apart from our competition as if we are unable to locally manage the property we simply do not take the property on.

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