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What Is Property Management Rentals

What are Property Management Rentals?  They are listings of rental properties that are available for lease.  A property manager represents the home owner with all aspects of the leasing process for the rental.  Some of the tasks that are tackled are:

• Lease Signing
• Lease Renewals
• Property Showings
• Tenant Screening
• Rent Collection
• Property Maintenance
• Property Inspections
• Property Marketing

If you are in the market of choosing a Real Estate Management Companies, then be sure to do your research and look at the length of time they have been serving the region, and what their reputation is.  At Herman Boswell Property Management, we have been serving the Dallas / Fort Worth region, since 1968!  Property Management Rentals, are made available by advertising on various 3rd party services, such as Zillow, RentCafe &

We do not offer remote property management, as if it is not within driving distance for our real estate agents.  This ensures that we can properly care for the property, in an accurate way.  There are a lot of property management companies today, that manage rental units, without ever seeing the place.  This is not the way to do business, in our opinion. If the property management firm you choose, is unable to be hands on, that means they can not provide adequate protection, for your property.

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