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Top Benefits of Property Management Automation Tools 


Owning commercial or residential property is not easy and property management is a busy role that involves dealing with a variety of individuals and tasks on a daily basis. A skilled and fully-staffed property management team is essential to maximizing profits and keeping tenants happy, but individuals can quickly become overwhelmed when keeping up with maintenance requests, tenant issues, collecting payments, and other tasks.  


Finding out how automation can assist in helping pare down some of these day-to-day tasks is essential, not only for property management staff but also for owners who are looking to expand operations.  


Property management automation tools allow business to be streamlined and help immensely with time management. Though it is not possible, or even desirable, to eliminate the human component of property management, there are some ways to effectively manage the more repetitive and tedious property management tasks.  


Automation not only saves time and money — it also minimizes the risk that comes with juggling too many things at once.  


Appointment Setting 


Property management professionals are tasked with showing properties – sometimes several times a day – to prospective tenants or buyers. From scheduling conference calls to conducting tours, it may seem like the property management team’s work is never done.  


Automated scheduling is one of many ways to address the problem of keeping up with appointments and walkthroughs.  Utilizing email software that makes scheduling easy is recommended. Implementing time-saving tools like chat bots on your website or online, self-served meeting schedule software allows prospects to pick a time that works best for them without having to deal with a seemingly endless game of phone tag to make an appointment.  


Make Touring Easier with Automation 


Showing a property is essential for attracting tenants and buyers but it can be extremely time consuming for property managers, especially since a showing does not always result in a sale.  


Technology has come a long way and it is now possible to enlist the help of technology to make the touring process practically effortless. Popover showing technology tools include Bluetooth enabled keys and lock boxes that allow property managers to communicate with prospect beforehand and provide them the necessary tools to access the property at their convenience. Prospects can easily check-in at the appointed time, provide feedback to the owner, and complete surveys at the end of the tour to rate the property and their overall showing experience 


Other Popular Uses for Automation Tools 


There are a few more automation tools that are essential for a time-conscious property management professional. Here are more ways to make property management duties simpler:  


  • Collecting rent and deposits: Automating rent payments not only frees up property management staff so they can focus on logistics and marketing, it also makes life easier for tenants who also have busy lives. 
  • Maintenance requests: Automated maintenance request system allow tents to seek help for non-emergency and urgent maintenance needs without the stress of calling after hours.  
  • Bookkeeping: Automating bookkeeping entries will help owners and property managers immensely when it is time to verify financials or file taxes.  
  • Create a paperless environment: Property ownership and property management traditionally involved the use of forms and other documentation that can quickly pile up. Shifting toward automation will keep many tasks online, eliminating the need for piles of paper.  


Take Property Management into the 21st Century 


Automation can seem scary to property management professionals and owners, but it doesn’t have to be. Doing everyday tasks more efficiently will improve your bottom line and reduce the stress of property management duties.  


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