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Lease ViolationsHow to manage lease violations

It’s sad, but true that even the most carefully screened tenants may one day end up violating lease provisions. And that’s because while most people want their living quarters to be clean and in good repair, not everyone will actually do the work necessary to keep a home in shape.

So how does a busy landlord nip problems – like dirtiness, an illegally kept pet or missing smoke detectors  – in the bud?

The best way is to have both routine and the occasional surprise inspections. During those times, you may notice trash/debris problems. Or you may see a proscribed animal on the premises or – even more dangerously – smoke detectors that have been taken off walls or deliberately disabled.

After you’ve noted down the problem, the next step is to immediately send written notices to the tenants in violation of lease provisions. This way, you make offending individuals aware of the problem and allow them to take steps to rectify the situation while also showing that you care about your property.

Of course, you could opt to talk to the individual(s) involved. But a face-to-face meeting or telephone conversation will not create the paper trail you may need in the event you have to eventually take your tenant to court. In fact, verbal communication may lead to confrontation and argument, both of which you would be wise to avoid.

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