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When dealing with tenants, putting things in writing is critical. One useful strategy is to give new renters a move-in letter on or before the day they move in to their new rental.

A move-in letter can include information about:

  • your expectations regarding rental upkeep
  • what to do about safety hazards
  • repair and maintenance procedures
  • how to get a security deposit back
  • how to reach you, especially in emergencies
  • trash disposal and recycling
  • laundry facilities
  • your policies regarding short and long-term guests
  • inspections
  • keys and locks and what to do if there is a problem with them

As a courtesy, you might also want to include any forms and/or information your new tenants may need for cable/Internet hookups and landline phone service. You can also include change of address cards, a map of the community and a list of local schools, post offices, stores and hospitals.

Move-in letters can also contain move-out information. Restate your policies regarding lease renewals and terminations. Also tell your tenants that you will inspect the apartment for overall cleanliness and damage. Encourage tenants to take an end-of-lease walk-through with you so that they know how much of their security deposit they can expect to receive.

Land-lording can be a paper chase, especially when you’re dealing with multiple tenants. This is where the real estate professionals at Herman Boswell can help. Our experts are here to simplify your record-keeping and deal with the other day-to-day responsibilities that go along with being a landlord. Contact us today and let us show you a better way to manage your real estate investments!