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Family home in a north American suburb.



Do you own investment property in North Texas and live outside that area – or even in another state?  It’s a challenge for sure!  But sometimes that challenge can be overwhelming, even for the most organized individuals.

Following are four tips to help you succeed as a remote landlord.

1.  Automate as many of your services as possible

Some common problems that can cause friction between tenants and remote landlords are lost keys and lighting and/or watering systems that don’t turn on (or get shut off) at the proper time.

To avoid dealing with these hassles, you may consider investing in digital and/or automated systems.  For example, you could purchase a keyless entry service that allows for lock management from a smartphone.  And you could install automatic lights and/or sprinkler systems.

2.  Prepare a list of recommended services

Gathering a list of local services will ensure that your tenants have everything they need for almost any situation.  For example, you could provide information on all the local hospitals, police stations, and repair services.

You could also make a list for entertainment purposes, like parks, shopping areas, and restaurants.  Many tenants will appreciate this amenity, especially if they happen to be new to the area where your rental property is located.

3.  Hire a permanent cleaning/maintenance service

When a tenant vacates a property, you will need to make sure the premises are presentable for the next renter.  The best, most cost-effective way to handle this is to look for a service that is (1) on call and (2) offers a discount for long-term services.  Remember: one-time cleaning and maintenance services are much more expensive than hiring a person or company for the long term.

4.  Find a trustworthy property management team

Probably the single best thing you can do as a remote landlord is invest in the services of a property management company.  No matter where you call home, Herman Boswell can assist you with tenant placement/management, rent collection and maintenance.  Our experts are here to give you the freedom, flexibility and peace of mind you deserve: contact us today!