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Disputes between neighbors are nothing new and are a fairly common occurrence when people live in close proximity to each other. For property management firms, handling disputes before they escalate is one of their chief tasks. For owners, dealing with neighborly disputes can be challenging because it may be awkward to get in the middle of an ongoing dispute. Find out how enlisting the help of a property management company is an excellent way to manage neighborly disputes and prevent ownership problems down the road.

Quiet Enjoyment and How Property Management Can Help


Property ownership, quiet enjoyment refers to the general right of all tenants to enjoy their space without abuse, conflict or harassment from fellow tenants. Most residential leases include

 language referring to quiet enjoyment but not all tenants follow the rules. This is where a property management firm can assist. 

If conflict among residents arises, property management professionals are there to step in and follow a specific procedure to try to resolve the problem. The first step involves notifying the involved tenants that management is aware of the conflict and that offending behavior must be stopped immediately. This is referred to as a cease and desist notice an is generally directed to the aggressor in the situation, though this can sometimes be hard to determine. A property management team will draft the letter and ensure that it is delivered to the tenants. If any behavior is in direct violation of the lease agreement, this will also be noted as well as any associated consequences for violating the lease agreement. 

In some instances, management may believe that mediation between the tenants could result in a resolution. Qualified property management companies either employ trained conflict resolution specialist or can access one from a trusted professional network to conduct a mediation. In some cases, the owner’s or property management company will bring in legal counsel to serve as a facilitator. This is yet another way to attempt resolution without resorting to eviction. 

Hiring A Property Management Helps Protect Owners 

Disputes between tenants can easily get out of hand if not addressed early on and this could result in owner liability. Property management firms do more than just collect rental payments and coordinate repairs – there are also charged with doing all they can to protect owners from legal action. Management should always conduct an investigation into any conflicts that arise and follow procedures to resolve them before they proceed to the level of legal action. 

Disputes that escalate into harassment that is legally protected. In cases where the harassment involves race, sex, gender, or any other protected class, failure to adequately address it can result in liability for the owner along with hefty legal fees and damage to the owner’s reputation. This is why it is so important to thoroughly investigate all allegations of harassment and ensure neighborly disputes do not involve harassment that violates the law. 

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The goal of property management teams is to make life easier for both owners and tenants. Consider collaborating with a professional property management firm like Herman Boswell Property Management for professional management services in the Dallas, TX, area. Contact the pros at Herman Boswell property management today. offering combined decades of property management experience and understand the nuances of effective conflict resolution in addition to standard property management duties.