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For Dallas area owners and other real estate professionals, the competitive market makes connecting with the right people more important than ever.

Owning a property is more than just collecting rent from tenants and scoping out new real estate opportunities. For busy property owners, enlisting the help of a property management firm serves several purposes – from interviewing prospective tenants to handling maintenance requests – but there’s one perk of hiring a property management company that often goes overlooked. Marketing! Successful property owners know that marketing to the right people at the right time is vital to attracting and keeping the best tenants. Effective marketing also solidifies your company’s reputation in the community and can open doors to more investment opportunities. So just how do property management companies facilitate effective marketing? Let’s take a look.


Property Management Companies Have a Larger Network

Effective marketing works by targeting large numbers of people in a strategic way. While a solo property owner may have a network, it likely doesn’t compare to that of a property management firm and its agents. Being realistic today’s real estate market is very competitive so it pays to have access to a more expansive network.

By enlisting the help of a property management company, owners uniquely position themselves to be seen by more tenants as well as real estate professionals. This two-pronged network will help property owners expand their businesses and attract higher quality tenants. For owners who frequently buy and sell, they will get access to more solid leads while allowing the property management company to leverage their network and do most of the footwork.


Social Media and Online Marketing

In today’s technology-driven world, there’s no way to discuss marketing without mentioning social media and online marketing. If a property owner is not using these forms of marketing, they are doing their business a disservice. A property management company can assist with coming up with the perfect online marketing strategy to drive website traffic, attract leads, and recruit prospective tenants.

When people are searching for a rental or investment property, the internet is one of the first places they look. Social media has also exploded as a way to connect with buyers and renters and solidify your web presence. A professional property management company will help property owners develop an effective web and social media strategy to achieve measurable goals.

Property management companies likely have a larger social following that they are more than willing to extend to the property owners they work with. By sharing relevant and strategically curated content on its social media channels, property management companies help property owners develop a strong web presence and increase their bottom line.


Enlisting The Help Of Longtime Residents

Social media and network leveraging definitely have their place in a comprehensive marketing plan but property owners should never underestimate the importance of longtime residents. When it comes to setting your properties apart from the competition, positive feedback from satisfied residents can go a long way. Property management agents are on the front line and interact with tenants on a regular basis, so they hold special insight into what attracts good prospective tenants and what encourages current tenants to renew leases. An experienced property management firm will have agents who know the keys to effective tenant screening and have the personality that fosters tenant trust.


Property Management Companies Take Your Business to the Next Level

For Dallas area owners and other real estate professionals, the competitive market makes connecting with the right people more important than ever. If you are looking to scale your property ownership business, seek a qualified property management firm with high-level expertise in various forms of marketing. Herman Boswell Property Management employs a team of professional property management associates who work closely with property owners to ensure financial success and long-term tenant satisfaction.