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Showing and selling properties the right way


Being a landlord isn’t just about managing tenants and collecting rent. It’s also about being a good salesperson who  knows what tenants need and want and has the necessary interpersonal skills to make potential clients feel like they’ve finally come home.  There is a right way of showing and selling properties, so that it yields the high quality, high retention clients that we seek for our clients investment portfolios.


There is a lot of things to do before you turn over the keys.

Before you can even consider listing a property for rent, you have to inspect your apartment, condominium or home carefully to make sure everything is neat and clean. That means painting the walls, vacuuming the rugs and floors, washing the windows, scrubbing down the bathroom and kitchen, getting rid of insect infestations and sprucing up the exterior.

It also means checking that everything in the unit is in working order. Appliances, water heaters and furnaces should be in good condition or replaced if they can’t be fixed. Leaky faucets and broken hardware on kitchen cabinets and doors should be replaced. And if there’s any frayed wiring, that needs to be repaired as well.

You also need to call your local fire department to check that you have installed the proper smoke detectors in your rental units. Some local ordinances don’t require that landlords provide these devices. Nevertheless, you still do so because you know that by providing a safer environment for your tenants, you’re more likely to get a break on your property insurance.

It’s all a lot of work. But if your rental unit isn’t properly prepared, any potential tenant who looks at it will likely not want to rent it and may also be left with a bad impression about you and/or your property.  With everything else that you need to do, both as a landlord and person with a life, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

That’s why you should contact the property management team at Herman Boswell. We know just what do to give your property sales appeal and simplify your life as an investment property owner. When you need the helping hand of real estate experts who know the DFW area like no one else in the business, we’re there.

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