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In another twist on “adverse possession,” a Woodlake Drive man, Chris Attig, filed such a claim on an abandoned property beside his home in order to protect his own property and the property value of the neighborhood. Attig decided he needed to take action last August after a break-in at the property, which has been vacant for two years, and filed the claim with Dallas County.

The property had already garnered three violations for rotting wood, litter, and a dirty pool from the city’s Codes Department.

ADVERSE POSSESSIONAlly Bank apparently owns the $269,000 house but has done nothing to keep it up.

Upon filing the claim, Attig put chains on the doors and paid a $3,000 tax bill. He also invested $2,000 for a new fence.

Attig told News 8 recently, “I’m afraid that nobody’s going to step up and try to fix this property, and it’ll continue to be a threat to my family and all the families who are around here.”

He said he was not interested in living in the home or renting it and his only concern was maintaining the property so it will not continue to degrade the neighborhood. He was willing to drop his claim when someone stepped up to the plate to take care of the property.

News 8 contacted Ally Bank but it would not say anything about its plans for sale or even upkeep of the house.

The lesson is clear that owners of such abandoned homes need to take care of the properties. Property management is a skilled activity which saves time and ultimately money. The value of properties under management do not lose value due to decay and neglect and are maintained so that expense repairs are not necessary for later sale, lease or rental. This protects the investment and those around the property who become affected by its lack of care.

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Photo credit: renjith krishnan