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How to build good landlord and tenant relations?

Your tenants are the heart and soul of what you do. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to run your business. That’s why it’s important to be friendly, courteous and pleasant whenever you see them and to treat them the same way you would a business client or social acquaintance.

Here are four ways you can improve the relationships you have with the people who are your renters:

1. Keep the lines of communication open.

GOOD LANDLORD and TENANT RELATIONSEncourage dialogue and let your tenants know right from the start what your expectations are. Tell them that they can come to you anytime they  want to request service or repairs. Ask them to let you know if they witness any suspicious activities going on around them, either in the street or around nearby residences.

2. Resist getting personally involved

If a tenant tells you about a personal problem, be sympathetic but don’t offer advice or try to solve the problem. Above all, don’t get so caught up with what they say that it affects your business judgment. To conduct your business professionally, you have to stay detached and distance yourself from the problem.

3. Avoid gossip

Never criticize or gossip about your tenant because what you say can come back to haunt you. Don’t listen to gossip, either. If you happen to encounter a tenant who loves to give you updates about other residents, try to make it clear in as courteous a way as possible that you are too busy to engage in conversation.

4. Be aware of body language

A lot of what gets communicated between people happens at a nonverbal level. Make sure that you watch such things as the tone of voice. If you get sarcastic when you get angry, find a way to temper your tongue. The calmer you are able to stay under pressure, the better.

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