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Evicting Deadbeat TenantsEvicting Deadbeat Tenants


Most tenants will maintain your rental property to a reasonable degree, follow the rules outlined in their lease and pay their rent on time each month.  Deadbeats, though, won’t.  When faced with uncooperative renters, eviction may be your best, and only, option.

Gather evidence

If your tenant is responsible for any property damage, take photos.  Also save paper copies of all written and electronic correspondence with your tenant regarding any other infractions, including noisiness and late and/or unpaid rent.

Go over the lease

Note any sections that the tenant has violated.  Be sure you are able to document your findings.

Send a notice of eviction

State the reasons for the eviction and what date the tenant must vacate the property.  Consult all local eviction laws, which vary from state to state.

File the eviction at your local courthouse

To make the eviction official, you’ll need to file the appropriate legal paperwork.  Your tenant will receive written notice that you have filed a case against him.

Take all evidence to court

The tenant might leave the property after you file the eviction notice.  But he or she may still take the case to court and argue against the eviction.  In that case, use your evidence to convince the judge that you have a renter who deserves to be evicted.

Dealing with tenants, even good ones, is hard work.  So having even one bad tenant could make your life hell.  But Herman Boswell can help.  Our experts know exactly how to handle difficult tenants in a way that will minimize damage to you and your property.  For the peace of mind you deserve, contact us today!