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VACANT RENTALPrepping a Vacant Rental for Showing


Tenancies run in cycles. A new tenant moves in to your rental apartment or home, stays for a period of time and then leaves. After that, you need to find a new tenant so you can keep up with proprietary bills. But what should you do between the time the old renter moves out and the new one moves in?

Take care of the small stuff

Tenants sometimes forget to have gas and electricity services turned off. So one of the first things you’ll need to do is contact the utility company to make sure everything is in order.

Evaluate the interior

No matter how careful a tenant has been, you’ll still need to make sure that the inside of the apartment receives at minimum a new paint job. You may also want to consider modernizing the kitchen and/or bathroom and adding up-to-date amenities like “smart” appliances or door locks. Remember: the more you invest in a rental, the more likely it is that you will attract higher quality tenants who can pay higher rent and will be more likely to stay for a longer period.

Don’t forget the exterior

Where applicable, don’t forget to also pay attention to the exterior of the property. What a potential tenant sees on the outside will leave a lasting impression, and you want that impression to be positive. Simple things like fresh exterior paint and or a few potted plants by the front door can do wonders for property image.

Replace the carpet or flooring

Once you’ve made all the necessary repairs on the inside and out, you may also want to think about replacing the carpet or flooring, especially if it shows signs of wear and tear. If you decide on hardwood floors, consider bamboo flooring instead. It’s cheaper and more eco-friendly and doesn’t scratch as easily as hardwood.

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